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So you have been talking to someone and they almost seem too good to be true. So where do you start?
Well most online chat services offer profiles , which in most cases gives you a start to your search. one of our search pages :HERE: will allow you to search a few chat services and social networks for that same screen name. For instance AOL or Yahoo profiles have at the very least a first name,town, and and possibly an age/birthday.

Sometimes the person wont enter information in one profile but will enter it in another. As long as the person’s screen name isn’t a commonly used nickname you cant be assured that these other profiles are of that person. Another good site to check with is which checks the username availability across the leading social networks, micro blogs and web 2.0 apps from one simple location.

MySpace: You can search for someone’s MySpace page by email address , which most of the time is that person’s screen name (ex. KoolGuy1029 on AOL instant messenger could be or, or for Yahoo etc..).  Myspace a good source to find out someone’s birthday , alot of people enter their birthdays when signing up and it will show in their profile. You can almost guess the birth year because their age is almost always shown.
But how do you get their exact birthday? First try looking on their main page alot of people enter their Horoscope sign
(Scorpio,Aries, etc..) this will narrow it down to 2 months to choose from, next try scrolling through their comments from their friends for those months in question you might catch one of them saying “happy birthday”

so make note of this date, its more than likely their birthday give or take a day.

Veromi: What can you do with this information to get someone’s real name? Well, if you were successful in getting at the minimum a first name, rough date of birth, and state make your way over to Veromi. Veromi is an online database for a bunch of things including people and businesses. The bare minimum you can enter is the person’s first name ,D.O.B, and state.

After doing so press search, it will spit back all of the people in that that with that first name and date of birth. most of the times you will get lucky and it will give only one name, sometimes you have to weed through a few names before getting the right one. Sometimes you wont get anything at all , maybe they lied about their age, maybe they don’t have any relevant credit info in their name yet.  Don’t get discouraged there are other methods we will be covering on this site soon. Don’t be afraid to use to do some searching for the screen name you might pull up postings on some obscure website or forum which might give you more info on the person.

Find anyone, anywhere! Click Here!

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